Seven Points Group is one of the first single-source solutions for businesses who require sustainable sourcing, scalable filling and packaging, innovative branding, and reliable sell-through for the cannabis industry in California.

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 “Create Intentionally, Work Consistently, and Adapt Rapidly.” Testimonial Author

Utilizing transformational technology adopted from the electronic cigarette industry and then adapted to the filling of cartridges for the cannabis industry, Seven Points has been lauded for the reliability, precision, and scalability of our proprietary automated filling machines.

We are a vertically integrated company boasting alliances with large and mid-size growers, celebrated extraction facilities, distributors, and their customers, which enables us to meet any part of the root to retail process you require. Simply put, we are your one-call solutions provider.

Who we are...

A source for your flower or oil, as we have aligned with the Emerald Triangle’s leading farms and labs.

Able to help you scale your business with our filling solutions, which can accurately fill 1,000,000+ + carts a month…in just one shift.

Cutting-edge packaging (including child-proof) and branding provider to ensure sell-through to end users.

A robust distribution network serving approximately 200 of the top dispensaries in California